Lesson Syllabus

WHAT will you learn in each lesson?


Read Music
Students will learn how to read music in order to have a deeper understanding of what they are playing.

Variety of Songs
Students can learn to play many genres of music; classical, jazz, pop, and everything in between.

Students will learn the best instrument technique, i.e. posture, hand-positions, fingerings, etc.

Based on the student’s age and level, principles of music theory will be interwoven into a student’s lesson in order to see the inner workings of the music they play.

Students will train their ears to hear and sing pitches in tune and with proper rhythms.

Fort Lee School of Music students have numerous opportunities throughout the year to perform in concerts in both New Jersey and New York City.

Students will have the opportunity to perform in small groups (ensembles). Some of these ensembles include a guitar orchestra, string ensembles, wind ensembles, and piano duets.