My son has been taking piano lessons with the school for about a little more than a year. He absolutely loves his lessons with his teacher, Kyle Walker. Kyle and the entire teaching staffs have been very professional and dedicated to make sure all the students are progressing nicely and reaching their best potential. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend this school.
— Dana S.
The faculty is amazing and you feel as if you are not only a part of community of great musicians, but that you are respected and encouraged from teachers who have the same passion as you. Great school and highly recommend it if you are looking to advance in music.
— Dane W.
Fort Lee School of Music is a local gem! Mike’s highly tailored style of instruction is helping me learn and advance so quickly! He’s methodical, but very relaxed and patient. He cares about his students’ progress, and covers enough to practice without feeling overwhelmed. The school also seems to hold events and training camps for kids. It’s clear that they care about their students and the community in general... It’s by far the best hobby I’ve picked up in a while and worth every penny invested!
— Magda K.
We consider our daughter to be very fortunate to have Mr. Gilsinan as her teacher. As a performing classical musician he is devoted to ensuring she can read music and grasp music theory while at the same time helping her to work on her technique. I think what is most special about Michael Gilsinan is that he is able to impart to a child the difference between simply playing music and “being a musician.” He has been very supportive in terms of preparing our daughter for outside performances, and encourages her to get out and perform as much as possible in all musical genres. It is rare to find a teacher who strikes so well a balance between the rigors of traditional music pedagogy and respect for the creativity of the student. He does all of this with patience and a good sense of humor. Our daughter looks forward to her lessons and after three years can pick up the guitar and play her favorite songs. That in itself speaks volumes about her teacher.
— Lisa E.
I started guitar lessons here yesterday and I am so impressed… I started lessons after hearing about the Fort Lee School of Music from a friend. I’m so glad I did. The first lesson was really great. Mike, the owner and the guitar instructor is really patient and even better, his lessons are really individualized to how you want to learn guitar, and what you want to learn.
— Leilani B.
Mike and Matt are truly amazing dedicated professionals. My son has been taking guitar lessons with them for over a year and has learned not only how to play guitar-but he is being taught to be a musician; he reads music. I highly recommend this school and their instructors. They are excellent with the child mentality.
— Garrett S.
Great school! my daughter is one of their pioneer student!
— Israel M.
This place is fantastic for kids. My son went to Michelle to begin learning flute and had the best experience!
— Elana T.
Wonderful school with terrific teachers! Can’t recommend them enough!
— Marina S.
I love their teachers! Everyone is pleasant and very profesional. I highly recommend them.
— Zeyther H.
Michael’s lecture was very informative and gave me new ideas about how I can better my chances of making a career in music
— Phil C. (2013 New York Guitar Seminar at Mannes Participant)
Mike, the owner, is very easy to work with and my child’s guitar teacher, J.P., is very nice too. Fort Lee Music School was a great discovery!
— Laaren H.
They are awesome.
— Nazgol M.
Very friendly and professional!!
— Jennifer C.