Gigi lau gilsinan, DESIGN director

Gigi Lau-Gilsinan is a co-founder of Urban Muse Center Inc, a non-profit organization. She is currently working for a Manhattan-based, non-profit developer in real estate development on affordable housing. She takes charge of the pre-development and construction stage of the projects: from searching lands, acquisition, closing, construction, and leasing. She has been working in design and construction since 2008. She has experience in architectural design firms, non-profit and for-profit developers, and general contractors.

Gigi’s articles have been published in Singapore Architect Magazine. She has been invited to speak at “Walkable City, Living Streets” urban conference, and “Professionals in Social Movement” seminar.

Gigi holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Hong Kong and a 2nd Master’s Degree in Urban Policy MS, focusing on affordable housing finance, from Milano, The New School in New York City. She earned a Diploma in Graphic Design with Adobe Illustrator & Adobe Photoshop, and a Diploma in Computer-aided Design with Autodesk AutoCAD.


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