Michael Gilsinan heads the guitar department and is responsible for the overall vision of the Fort Lee School of Music. Michael’s goal has been to create a place where music can thrive and has a positive impact on society. He envisions the Fort Lee School of Music to be a place that inspires the next generation of musicians and helps support the arts for years to come. Michael earned both a Masters Degree and Bachelors Degree in classical guitar performance at Mannes College The New School for Music in New York City. 

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Business Director


Gigi Lau Gilsinan has over 10 years of broad experience ranging from non-profit organizations, global design firms, a condo developer, and policy think tanks. Gigi has strong budgeting and financial management, planning and design skills. At Fort Lee School of Music, she takes charge of developing pricing strategies, financial tracking, business proposal, and designing logos, flyers, and the interior. Her strong design backgrounds have materialized the school’s visions. Gigi holds a Master’s degree in Landscape Architecture at The University of Hong Kong and a 2nd Master's Degree in Urban Policy MS at Milano The New School in New York City.

Administrative Manager

Since 2015, Matthew Pidi had been an Office Manager of the Fort Lee School of Music where his expertise ensures daily classes are smooth and efficient.  Because of his dedication and hard work students get the most out of their lessons and enjoy the time spent at the Fort Lee School of Music.